Consulting services for enhanced Sustainability

Sustainability is complex. It is all about collaboration, about time, about maturity, about courage, about resilience, about the desire to improve, to create long-term values that can be shared by multiple stakeholders (Shared Value). Sustainability is about the future, right now.

At the intersection of environmental, social, technology, management and economy Market Ecology generates Customer benefits and Sustainable Value. Thanks to business acumen, responsiveness to customer needs, knowledge and skills we create synergies of the Triple Bottom Line (environment, business ethics, economics) that lead to lasting improvements in the customer’s business and enables survival on the market.

We work with Sustainability in the following areas:


Reduce risks in the deal, identify potential, clarify and allocate responsibilities, create the basis for maintenance plans, get a better picture of the cost estimate and the price, identify and avoid costly surprises, not least soil and groundwater contamination, as well as obtain comprehensive data for a comprehensive Sales and Purchase Agreement. Market Ecology offers Transactional Advisory Services in connection with the Acquisition or Sale of properties and / or Companies (Mergers & Acquisitions).

Phase 1  

  • Technical and Environmental Due Diligence (TEDD) – property inspection, risk assessment and cost assessment of  recommended remedial actions.
  • Technical Due Diligence (TDD).
  • Environmental Due Diligence (EDD) in connection with Mergers and Acquisitions, M&A´s.  Includes identification and assessment of environmental risks in the activities/operations and recommendations of remedial actions including cost assessment.
  • Extended TEDD: Appraisal of the possibility to certify a building according to environmental classification scheme such as Miljöbyggnad (Swedish), LEED and BREEAM.
  • Extended TDD: Identification and quantification of the development potential of the property eg. energy performance, maintenance and operational optimization etc. and the estimation of impact on property yield and value.
  • Sustainability Due Diligence (ESG) – identification of Environmental, Social, and Governance risks in M&A´s. Proven methodology for identification and assessment of risks related to Environment (emissions, permits, soil contamination etc), Social  aspects (human rights, corruption, Health & Safety, employment rights etc.) and Governance i.e. the risks in management of above aspects.

Phase 2 

  • TEDD – sampling and analysis of building materials, soil and groundwater, geotechnical investigation.
  • EDD – sampling and analysis of contaminants in soil, groundwater and buildings and recommendations for remedial actions.
  • In-depth investigations and recommendations of remedial actions regarding construction, installations, and environmental issues that were identified as risks in Phase 1.
  • Management of actions to rectify technical deficiences and environmental flaws in the properties and soil, eg. Project management of soil remediation.


Audits are an excellent tool for improvement. Identify and analyze the potential for improvement and implement the right measures. This leads to improved performance, reduced costs and a developed Environmental, Quality and Health & Safety work and procedures. Market Ecology provides effective audits to improve customer processes, management and legal compliance.

  • Audits of Environmental Management Systems in accordance with ISO 14001 and EMAS.
  • Audits of Health & Safety Management Systems in accordance with OHSAS 18001 and AFS 2001:1 Systematic Health & Safety Work (Swedish).
  • Legal Compliance Audits – check of accomplishment of Environmental and Health & Safety legal requirements.
  • ESG – Audits (Environment, Social, Governance) of operations against the following guidelines and norms:
    • UN Global Compact
    • UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights
    • ILO Conventions
    • IFC Performance Standards and Guidance Notes
    • OECD Principles of Corporate Governance
    • OECD Guidelines för Multinational Companies
    • PRI, The Six Principles for Responsible Investment
    • Country Legal requirements
    • Specific policies (owners etc.)
  • Project Audits – assess and ensure that contractual requirements are complied with.
  • Quality, Environment and Health & Safety Audits of Contractors/Suppliers in Construction projects.
  • ESG – Audits (Environment, Social, Governance) of the Supply chain.

Project Management

Sustainability is also about effective project management. Market Ecology controls projects for increased customer value and sustainable value. Thanks to business acumen, responsiveness to customer needs, knowledge and skills that create synergies that lead to profitable projects. Market Ecology offers Management services of Projects related to:

  • Environmental and Sustainability Due Diligence in M&As in Sweden, the Nordics, the Baltics, Poland and cross-border Europe.
  • Technical and Environmental Due Diligence
  • Environmental, H&S and ESG Audits
  • Development of Environmental Management Systems
  • Sustainability Reporting
  • Development of Sustainability Management Procedures and Processess in Operations
  • Project Management of Environmental, Social and Health & Safety issues


If you do not analyze the situation and plan beforehand, you cannot influence and manage the impact. This most certainly applies to the realm of Social Responsibility, as you are dealing with a lot of intangible risks related to Environmental and Social issues. Applied Sustainability Management in order to define, plan, track and improve business performance and profitability. Market Ecology provides the following services to develop Client’s sustainability work and impact:


  • Planning & formation of vision, business and sustainability strategy, goals and targets, policies, governance.
  • Seminars for management teams and leaders.
  • Analyses, investigations & benchmarking: Risk and Opportunities analysis, materiality analysis, stakeholder analysis and stakeholder dialogue, current situation analysis etc.
  • GAP-analysis with purpose to identify the gap between current and optimum performance according to e.g
    ISO 26000 etc.
  • Implement, manage and develop management systems (Environment, Health & Safety, Social Responsibility) in Projects and Operations.

Supply Chain

  • Development and examination of supplier programs, Code of Conduct och Audit process, risk tools etc.
  • Risk assessment of Suppliers.


  • Production of  Sustainability report: Stakeholder and Materiality analysis, Performance indicators, structure, text production.
  • GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) reporting guidelines for all types of organisations.
  • GRESB (Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark) guidelines for Real Estate entities.
  • Reporting process, data collection, key indicators, reporting handbook etc.

Compliance with laws, guidelines and standards

  • Reviews of compliance with regulations and voluntary commitments and standards..
  • Advisory in Connection with the application of regulations, standards and guidelines (eg. UN Global Compact, ISO 26000, GRI, PRI (Principles for Responsible Investment), IFC, ILO etc.
  • Identification of applicable laws and regulations (EHS) and development of company-specific legislative register.

Responsible Investments/SRI

  • Responsible investments: policy, process, implementation and follow up (PRI).
  • Project appraisal/Risk management according to the Equator Principles in connection with Financing.
  • Sustainability Due Diligence (ESG) – identification and quantification of Environmental, Social and Governance Risks.


  • Sustainability coordinator/Environmental coordinator
  • In Construction Projects: environmental assessment of building materials, documentation of materials (log book)


Sustainability is all about collaboration, about time, about maturity, about courage, about the desire to improve, to create long-term values that can be shared by multiple stakeholders (Shared Value). Sustainability is about the future, right now. Train and learn to benefit from the Triple Bottomline and be prepared for the Sustainability Challenge right now.

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