On behalf of a confidential global customer Market Ecology has conducted a Phase I and a Phase II Environmental Due Diligence and a Topographic study of a property prior to acquisition. In addition, we conducted an inventory, or mapping of hazardous materials in the buildings. The property has a land area of over 81,000 square meters.

The Phase I investigation involved a survey of the history of activities on the property, the identification of hazardous activities and emission sources, the status of potentially contaminated sites and injunctions at the Authorities, and visual inspection, as the basis for a risk assessment. In this case, a risk of contaminated soil was identified and sampling, Phase II – drilling into the ground for soil samples and groundwater sampling was carried out on the property. Together with the results of the sampling of the building materials, we could get a clear risk status of contaminants in soil and buildings and thus thoroughly assess the risks and recommend the right measures/costs.
In addition, we assessed the property’s total environmental liability based on the data from our investigation.

Market Ecology also conducted a survey of the physical shape of the terrain , surface shapes on the property, and created a map where height differences in the terrain were imaged using level curves.

Overall, Market Ecology and partners have supplied successful, professional services that resulted in environmental risks being identified and quantified in a critical stage as an acquisition. Market Ecology has led the customer with a steady hand through this part of the acquisition process to reduce uncertainty and contribute to a safe deal. Our support and expertise has benefited the customer and helped to create value from environmental risks.